These terms and conditions apply to the sales of products through this website, owned by the Italian company PINOCCHIO S.A.S. di A. Pepi e C., situated in Rome, Viale delle Milizie 138, VAT N. IT08601511002, which manages directly the contents of the website together with the commercial, logistic and administrative activities connected to the sales.

Your purchases are governed by the Italian law d. lgs. n.185 del 22 Maggio 1999, which protects customers dealing with internet and mail orders. Furthermore, your purchases are regulated by these terms and conditions as reported in the website. PINOCCHIO S.A.S. reserves the right to vary these sales conditions. Any new condition become effective from the date of their publication. Please read carefully these conditions every time you purchase a product on

When the customer accepts the online order form, he gets committed to purchase the products selected and approves consciously all the clauses reported in these conditions.


Customers must be above 18 years old.

Orders become binding on PINOCCHIO S.A.S. once you have received the email confirmation about products availability and payment authorization.

Please print and keep the order confirmation you have received by email.

If you don’t receive any email, please contact us for clarifications.

If it’s not possible to fulfill the order totally or partially, PINOCCHIO S.A.S. will promptly contact the customer in order to agree how to proceed, provided that the customer has the option to cancel partially or totally the order and to obtain the return of the amount already paid.

If customer’s data are not complete or inaccurate, so that it wouldn’t be possible to deliver the products and/or to manage the accountability of the sale, PINOCCHIO S.A.S. will contact the customer before processing the order and reserves the right to refuse the order.

PINOCCHIO S.A.S. does not assume any liability for problems caused by force majeure such as accidents, explosions, fires, strikes and/or lockouts, earthquakes, floods and other similar events that could prevent, partially or totally, the execution of the contract by the agreed timing. Therefore, PINOCCHIO S.A.S. will not be responsible to any party for any damages, losses and costs incurred as a result of failure to execute the contract for the reasons mentioned above.


The minimum order required is 5 Euros.


The online sale is equivalent to mail sale. The right of withdrawal allows the customer to return the ordered product in case he/she changes his mind about the purchase. According to the laws (D.lgs 206/2005), customers have the right to cancel the contract for any reason, without explanation and penalty.

Therefore, within 14 days from receiving the goods, customers can exercise the right of withdrawal if they don’t like the products or they think they are not compliant to the description of the corresponding tab.

The customers may decide if he wants PINOCCHIO S.A.S. to refund the value or change the article with another one.

The following rules are applied to the right of withdrawal:

  • the customer must be a private person;
  • the right applies to every product sold through the website;
  • the right applies to the entire order: it’s not possible to exercise the right partially only for some items of the complete order;
  • goods must be returned undamaged, complete with all parts, including packaging;
  • if packaging is damaged, the right cannot be exercised;
  • all returning costs are charged to customers;
  • we will not accept returned goods with shipping costs at our expenses.

In order to start the returning procedure, the customer must send an email to, with the following object: “Exercise of the Right of Withdrawal” stating:

  • the order number,
  • the date of receipt of goods,
  • the date and number of the invoice,
  • the reason of the withdrawal.

Within 3 days from the date of the email the customer must then send a registered letter to:


Viale delle Milizie 138

00192 Roma


Upon receipt of the registered letter we will contact the customer in order to explain how to ship the returned goods.

To return the goods, customer must carefully pack the products in order to protect the original covers from any damage, apply a label with the address clearly written and ship the pack at his expense via any courier, to the following address:



00187 ROMA


Customers must remember that he must ship, together with the goods, also a copy of the invoice if received.

Within 30 working days from receipt of returned goods, PINOCCHIO S.A.S. will credit the customer of the amount paid for the goods as resulting from the receipt or invoice. The amount will never include the shipping costs, according to art. 5, paragraph 6, of D. Lgs. N 185 of 22/05/1999.


For any further information or claim PINOCCHIO S.A.S. can be contacted by telephone on +39 064885589 or by email at


Products specifications are shown in the on-line catalogue, in the respective product data sheets, and are available in any moment of the choice and decision to purchase.

PINOCCHIO S.A.S. ensures that all products sold are free from defects and the packaging are intact, not damaged or tampered with.

The products sold are guaranteed by the manufacturers according to the law.

PINOCCHIO S.A.S. provides its warranty as a distributor according to the law and is not responsible for damages caused by any improper use of the purchased products.

PINOCCHIO S.A.S. also ensures that all products offered for sale are compliant with Italian and UE legislation.

For any further assistance please contact us by email at


Prices published next to each product include V.A.T. and any other tax.

The total amount charged is the sum of the price of products purchased (in force and published in the web site at the moment of the order), plus the cost of delivery.

PINOCCHIO S.A.S. reserves the right to update prices and costs of delivery without notice, and ensures that prices and cost contributions applied will always be those in effect at time of order.

The invoice will be issued only if required by email within 24 hours from payment. Invoices will be sent by email once the shipping is completed. If the invoice is not required by the 24 hours from the payment, it will not be possible to issue an invoice.


The contracts signed with PINOCCHIO S.A.S. are subject to the Italian legislation.


Products purchased through the website can be paid by the following means of payment:

  • PayPal
  • Advanced Bank Transfer


Paypal is a subsidiary of Ebay, and offers a system of small on line payments by credit card, acting as an intermediary between the user and who received the payment.

With more than 100 million accounts all over the world, Paypal ensures to the customer that credit card data will not be revealed to third parties: data are only entered once and then with a simple login the customer can start to make payments.

With Paypal it’s possible to pay purchases by associating the account to a credit card number (also prepaid or rechargeable) Visa, Visa Electron, Mastercard, or either using your own balance.

Sign up is free and quick, you only need an email address that will be used for reporting all transactions completed.

Pay for your online purchases with Paypal at no charge and without sharing your financial information: the seller receives your payment securely and in real time on his Paypal account.

  • Secure Payment: with Paypal your personal information are protected because they will never be shared with the seller; your privacy is a priority.
  • Quick Payment: the seller receives the payment immediately, and the product purchased can be sent immediately.
  • Protected Payment: Paypal protects your purchase and you can buy with confidence.

Bank Transfer

After the order is confirmed customer must follow this procedure:

  1. the bank transfer must be done within 7 working days from the date of the order;
  2. the description in the bank transfer must include name and surname of the customer;
  3. the bank transfer must be made in favor of

Pinocchio S.A.S. di A. Pepi & C.


IBAN: IT73H0306903215100000005092


To complete the request and process the order quickly it’s recommended to send a copy of the bank transfer by email to

After 7 days without receiving the bank transfer, PINOCCHIO S.A.S. will cancel the order.

PINOCCHIO S.A.S. is never responsible for any fraudulent or illegal use of credit card data or other means of payment, done by third parties at the moment of the payment.


For orders paid via Paypal circuit, delivery time will be indicated in the email containing the order confirmation.

Please remind that, in case of payment via bank transfer, the articles will be shipped only after we have received the confirmation from the bank. Considering that in case of bank transfer the total timing can be quite long, in order to speed up we suggest that you send a copy of the bank transfer receipt.

Timing of delivery disclosed are communicated considering the standard process of preparation and shipment of the products. PINOCCHIO S.A.S. will be never responsible for any damages arising from delays occurred during the shipping.


PINOCCHIO S.A.S. ships products by express courier or by post with a cost depending on the weight and size of packages and place of destination. Shipping costs are never included in the price of the articles.


By registering and purchasing products through the site www. your personal data are safe.

All data are transmitted in a protected way and treated with the utmost respect of laws about personal data protection.

Your data will be used solely for the purpose of completing your order or, only if you give express authorization, to communicate new products, promotions or other initiatives of your possible interest.

We guarantee that PINOCCHIO S.A.S. does not transmit your personal data to other companies or organizations that could use them for commercial purposes that you don’t like.

The only third parties that could receive your data are those who collaborate with us in managing the commercial transactions, eg. Banks, post offices, courier services.

We remain at your disposal to help verify your data, edit or delete them.